Mountain Coffee Recipes

Substitute for Coffee

Take sound ripe acorns, wash them while in the shell, dry them, and
parch until they open. Take the shell off. Roast with a little bacon
fat, and you will have a splendid cup of coffee.


"Short of coffee an' too pore to buy any? Here's yore answer if you
have th' followin' ingredients."

Mix well 2 quarts wheat bran and 1 pint yellow corn meal. Add 3 well-
beaten eggs and 1 cup best sorghum molasses. Beat well; spread on pan
and put to dry in oven. Use great care by stirring often while it is
browning- this is the secret of good coffee. A handful is sufficient
for two persons. Sweet cream improves the flavor of the brew, but, as
with storebought coffee, this is a matter of personal taste.

*Ma's Cookin' Mountain Recipes*