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Real Country Life offers high quality web design at an affordable cost. Our webmaster holds degrees in Computer Science and Graphic Communications so you can be assured of eye-catching sites that work. We also provide search engine placement and ranking services. Our own 1st Place Google Ranking and 1st place rankings for each of our clients speaks for itself. Check out some of our sites below and email or call us today at 724-455-7746 for a quote on your design project or to improve your ranking in the search engines. Feel free to call or email our clients listed below for referrals. Got questions? Read Popular Questions About Web Sites Answered at the bottom of this page.

Corvette Technicians
Stonee Ridge Band
Architectural Accents
Architectural Renderings by Donna Pastore
New Milford High School - Class of 1969

A Website Plan for Every Need and Budget!


RCL WebSite Tonight -
Click and build your very own website right on line!
Think you could ever build a Web Site? Wouldn't have the time if you could? Think again. Think WebSite Tonight.

It's easy. You just pick a template; add your own photos or graphics; and type in your own text. That's it! No manuals to read, no technical language to learn.
It's fast. You build your site in real time. Just log on to your Internet connection. Click your mouse, hunt and peck your way across the keyboard and — in just the time it takes to do it — your site gets built and/or updated.
It's fun. Who has the patience to learn another software program? The Internet's where the action is — and that's where WebSite Tonight is, too! You build your Web site right inside your familiar browser window.
It's affordable. A 5-page Economy site - plenty of space for most anyone - is just $9.99 per month. And that includes hosting and a FREE email account. (See below for Basic, Deluxe and Premium prices.)

RCL Web Design - Pick a template, fill in the text and we do all the work!
Are you too busy to build a site yourself? Are you working with a very limited budget? Consult with one of our professional Web designers and build a customized site starting at just $199.00. Simply choose a personalized Web address or use your current domain name, select one of our designs from over 70 professional styles, and we'll work with you to build your custom, yet affordable, web site. Below is the quick 5 step process that will allow you to have your site up and running in no time:

Determine the domain name you would like to use.
Select a design from our gallery, complete our registration form, and purchase your design package.
Review your designed web site within 2 business days from purchase.
Supply us with your feedback and requested changes.
We will then perform these changes and publish the web site to your domain name in as little as 3 business days.

RCL Custom Web Design - Like the personal touch? So do we. RCL will be happy to meet with you to discuss all of your web site needs and answer ANY questions you may have. No travel fees for businesses within a 25 mile radius. Call or write to us today to schedule an appointment. Prices start at $199 with NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS!

Monthly Web Maintenance - Too busy too maintain your website with current news, prices, specials, events, etc? Let Real Country Life take over the monthly maintenance. Billed by the hour, monthly flat rate or annual fee, we will find a package that is just right for you. New customers signing on now through the end of the year will receive a monthly event web calendar, an $129 value, free of charge! Call or write to us today to discuss your web maintenance needs.

Web Makeover - Need a new look? Well, look no further. Real Country Life will develop just the right new look for your website. An inexpensive way to go because all the information is already there. We just change the wrapping. Call or write to us today to discuss a web makeover.

*NOTE: It has come to our attention that some of our local "competition" has made some sarcastic remarks regarding our "cookie cutter" approach to web design and quite frankly, we find it amusing. Visit some of their web sites and compare them to ours. Talk to their clients and ask how they feel about their work and long term contracts and then talk to some of ours. Look at their clients ranking in the major search engines and then look at ours. We think you will agree with us that their is only one REAL local web design company... Real Country Life.

Real Country Life can put you on the Internet. Call or write to us today for a free consultation.

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